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23 October 2020

Feeling lost trying to learn web development? This is a curated list of articles that will teach you web development. Make sure you read them all diligently.

7 HTML Tips and Tricks

In this article you will find some useful tips and tricks on html which save your time while developing web applications.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript programming language analysed, explaining why do you want to use it for your next project.

Super simplified explanation of 'this' keyword in JavaScript

JavaScript 'this' keyword made super simple to understand. How does 'this' work in JavaScript.

JavaScript closures made super easy

How does JavaScript Closures work? Super simplified and a fun explanation of JavaScript Closures with examples. JavaScript scopes and closure explained.

Prototypal inheritance in JavaScript super simplified!

How does Prototypal inheritance work in JavaScript. Super simple explanation of what prototypal inheritance in JavaScript. What is dynamic inheritance. Nuances of Prototypal inheritance.

JavaScript Design Patterns that every developer should know

Two super important design patterns in JavaScript made easy to learn and implement.

5 Very powerful Lodash functions you should know

Lets see in action how you can streamline your JavaScript code using some of the best Lodash functions. Super important Lodash functions with examples.

Advanced lodash functions

How to use Lodash with JavaScript. Flatten JavaScript arrays. Chaining methods in JavaScript. Currying in JavaScript.

5 Common mistakes JavaScript developers make

List of common mistakes you would want to avoid to become a JavaScript ninja. JavaScript Callback functions. JavaScript scopes. Strings in JavaScript.

5 Practices to write a secure JavaScript web application

Most important Security principles in JavaScript. Actionable items to make your JavaScript based Web application more secure.

Prototypal vs Classical inheritance

Comparison between prototypal inheritance and classical inheritance on multiple parameters. Is classical inheritance obsolete. How does JavaScript inherit objects. Battle between Java and JavaScript.

Most Frequently Asked JavaScript Interview Questions

Curated list of essential and most frequent JavaScript Interview Questions. Regular practice and some tips and tricks can get you to shine in the job interview.

React Crash Course

This article teaches you the fundamentals of React JS and how to create your first React JS application. You will learn the building blocks of ReactJS like Components, JSX, Virtual DOM, etc.

How to improve web performance by using Preload, Preconnect, Prefetch

Techniques of Website Speed Optimization. Tips to increase your app performance on the front end on modern browsers. There is a direct relation between your app's performance and user retention.

How SSL certificate works? In plain english.

In plain english understand how does the SSL certificate works. What is HTTPs and SSL exactly. Secure socket layer make easy to understand.

What happens when you enter URL and hit enter in browser?

Super simple explanation of steps happening behind the scenes after you enter URL in a browser.

FREE Web Project Ideas

Grab these interesting project ideas for FREE and upgrade your portfolio. Start here and become a idea machine yourself.


I hope you enjoyed the articles. If your end goal is to become a web developer - start with mastering JavaScript. Spend time building apps - start with small apps, keep adding new technologies that you learn.

Most importantly, don't get overwhelmed.

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