What is JavaScript?

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03 December 2016

The What?

Simply put, JavaScript is a language of the web browsers. It is an object-oriented programming language which makes your HTML pages dynamic.

So, the next time you vote for any online poll, attempt any fun quizzes, or simply click on any button- more often than not, JavaScript is being executed behind the scenes.

No, JavaScript is not as same as Java. Many people often get confused between Java and JavaScript, but they are not the same. Even their use cases are different.

The Why?

Because who doesn't like free swag, right?!

But that is not what makes it a cool language to use. Let's consider all the reasons that makes it a super awesome programming language you want to learn next.

JavaScript is super flexible language. It has goodness of both Object Oriented languages as well the Functional languages. Stay tuned for my post on JavaScript as Functional language.

There's tremendous amount of research going on to pump up the JavaScript engines. With each update of your favorite browser, the way JavaScript is getting executed is getting faster and super efficient.

Considering the direction where technology is advancing, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that JavaScript is everywhere!

Traditionally JavaScript was only used on client side- meaning browsers. But now, with the introduction of NodeJS, JavaScript has made its way on servers; and with NoSQL databases, you can even represent you data in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

In case, you are into Internet of things- JavaScript is available there as well. Here's some good news about it- Samsung brings JavaScript to the Internet of things.

And I have just scratched the surface of the awesomeness of JavaScript.

The How?

Given tool is of no use unless you know how to use it!

Simplest way to play with JavaScript is to open a console in developer tools of your favorite browser.

In chrome:

  1. Open a tab
  2. Click on "Inspect Element"
  3. Go to the "Console" tab
  4. Type this simple program
const onClick = () => {
alert("Hello World!");
render(<button onClick={onClick}>Click Me!</button>);

Voila! You just wrote your first JavaScript program. Super easy, isn't it?

There are also other online tools available where you can experiment with this language. Below two being my favorite ones.

  1. JS Bin
  2. JSFiddle

For the first post on my new blog I just wanted start with giving a high level explanation of the programming language I am immensely passionate about- JavaScript. Get ready, for things are going to get pretty serious at Sleepless Yogi!

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