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04 April 2022

We have now opened our Affiliate Partner program to the public. You can earn up to 60% commission for each sale of any of our products.

Important rules (read carefully or get banned):

(TLDR: Do not spam people and don’t be sleazy)

  • You are not allowed to spam people with marketing messages or force anyone to buy these products
  • You are not allowed to falsely advertise a discount that doesn’t exist in order to mislead people into clicking your link
  • You are not allowed to package deals together that doesn't exist

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These are violations of our affiliate agreement and will result in termination of affiliate partnership.

How do I apply?

  1. Create a Gumroad account (link)

It is FREE to create account on Gumroad. This is where we manage our affiliate program.

  1. Make sure you have verified your email address

Gumroad does not allow us to add affiliates unless they have verified their email address.

  1. Submit this simple application form

  2. Once we add you (we usually do within a week), you’ll receive affiliate links that you can share on your website, social media page, or wherever else you want.

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You’ll be paid every Friday. Every payout is for sales made up to the previous Friday. The minimum amount you need to accrue to get paid is $10.

You will receive an email every time you make a sale.

Additional Resources:

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