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12 July 2022

This article contains one of my homework exercises kit from my most popular book HTML To React: The Ultimate Guide. I hope you enjoy the homework exercises and are inspired to learn more about HTML To React.

Please, try to complete these homeworks as much as you can and email me with your work as "ask.sleeplessyogi@gmail.com". Feel free to ask me any doubts or questions.

Let's dive into your first homework.

Interview question

  1. ReactJS Quiz: How do you call click handler in JSX?
A. <button onclick={this.handle()}>
B. <button onclick={handle()}>

Things to learn about here:

  • Event handling in ReactJS
  • How "this" works in JavaScript and ReactJS
  • What are different ways you can handle events in ReactJS
  1. What's the output?
(() => {
const a = (b = 20);
console.log(typeof a);
console.log(typeof b);

Things to learn about here:

  • What are variables
  • How does variables initialization work
  • What is "typeof" operator
  • What is IIFE pattern? And why is it useful?

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Project Brainstorming

Brainstorm up to 10 mini-project ideas. Select 1 from it. Write down the use-cases. Design wire-frames using simple pen and paper. Create high level system design diagram of how different components of your project should interact with each other.

And finally, reply back to this email with your work. I will shout-out about how proud I am of you on my Instagram account.

This is a standard approach for developing any decent size project. I would like you guys to get familiarize with these terms, research them, and practice them for every project you develop.

check this out:


That's all for now, guys! Be sure to have fun when after you hustle. (See you in the next homework.)

And, please let me know how did you like this homework? What else would you like me to include in the future homeworks?

If you enjoyed these homework exercises, please note, I send regular homeworks to my students who bought my ebook kit HTML To React: The Ultimate Guide.

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