6 Apps to conquer your day like a boss

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14 October 2019

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I am listing all the apps that I use to make my day super productive. These apps have helped me achieve the greatest successes in my life.

The best productivity apps for iOS and Android devices.

Productivity Apps You'll Want to Check Out

These are the best apps recommended by some of the super successful entrepreneurs, programmers, and leaders. In today's world of fast internet, you need to be using your smartphones more smartly to stay ahead in the game.

Pocket Yoga

Staying fit is super important if you need to give your best performance. You can use this app anytime, anywhere to get a quick workout and flex your body.


Along with staying fit, staying hydrated is equally important. Use the Waterlogged app to see how much your water intake is. Pro Tip: Gamify this process by competing with your friend to see who drinks the most water in a day.


It is better to keep a note than to pretend that you can remember all the information in your brain. Einstein couldn't, you should not too. Evernote will help you easily gather everything in one place - organized.


It is the best way to stay connected with your teammates. Sharing attachments, documenting processes. Even calling for meetings. This app should be your first pick if you want your team to be ultra-productive.


If This Then That. A super useful app for you if you like automating stuff. Use this app to put your life on auto-pilot.


The best way to start your week is to jot down the things-to-do on a Sunday before. Use Trello to keep track of your tasks. Pro Tip: Gamify this app by assigning points to the tasks. And at the end of every week reward yourself for the total points you earn. For ex: 1 pizza slice for 50 points. A Starbucks latte for 25 points.

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Bonus App


Put your finances on steroids. Acorns is a micro-investing app that puts saving your hard-earned money on auto-pilot. Basically, become a millionaire just by saving spare change using Acorns! Read our Acorns Review here.

How to create wealth with no money in hands

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