How To Build Wealth Even If Your Pockets Are Empty?

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21 April 2019

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If you have ever followed any of the typical personal finance blogs you might know have come across the same style of free advice almost everywhere.

Advice like invest in 401K, compounding if your friend, save at least 10% of your income - these are floating all across the internet.

And, although they are true these one-size-fits-all bits of advice are not really useful for everyone.

For one, it requires quite some time to see the results. Some of them even have loopholes.

Today we are going to teach how to build wealth faster. This article is a full-pack-set of complete actionable steps and a ton of examples to get your wealth-ball rolling.

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The Mind-shift

"Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time." Jim Rohn

The above quote is super powerful if you think about it. The trick is to do what others are not doing. The key is to get out of your comfort zone. And, follow the people who have achieved something great in their life.

But, don't just stop there. Eventually, you need to pump in some money to make money. If you are really serious about making money faster - you need to invest more money. Because trust me, traditional jobs aren't gonna make the cut.

It takes a complete mind shift to move away from conventional thinking. Just putting more hours does not mean you will make more money. The 9-5 job is old school thinking.

Adding Value

The world is moving faster than you think. You shouldn't be limiting yourself to just investing time to make more money.

Instead, focus on adding value. Delivering huge results.

Your rate is decided on the results you bring in. The more value you provide to your stakeholders - the more money you are going to make. And in no time, your income will be skyrocketed.

Level Up

Let's talk about Software Engineers. There are a lot more Software Engineers than the actual demand. Well, you might say this is not true and companies are still complaining that they are struggling to find good engineers. But do note the keyword - "good engineers".

Majority of Software Engineers today are not up to the par. They struggle to even find solutions to simple problems. They are just focusing on completing their 9-5 job and that is it!

If you are one of them - you are wasting your time. You will make the same money you are making today for the rest of your life.

You have to level up your game. Learn different skills. Sign up for new courses.

If you are a programmer - learn project management. Become a cybersecurity expert. Get good at AI/Machine learning.

If you really want to get out of your comfort zone - get into sales. This is one field which will teach you all the valuable lessons which can skyrocket your career.

Whatever you choose - achieve ultra level knowledge in the field of your interest.

Switch Job Faster

If you think your current job is not paying you as much as you would imagine - you are right. There are studies proving how bad not switching job is really.

"Employees who stay in companies longer than 2 years get paid 50% less."

This is so true. You need to be switching job faster than you think. Move on to the new adventure quicker. The salary bump you get by switching job is so much higher than you would super excited about your career and make your life financial stable earlier than you would think.

But beware, the job switches should not be too quick. It can be a red flag on your resume.

I personally got a 150% salary hike from my last job switch. Just to put it into perspective - I was making around 100K salary in my previous job. With this salary hike, I am now making around 250K per year.

I am not telling this to boast about me. I just want to change your mindset and make you realize the possibilities are endless. You just need to grab the opportunities.

Start A Side Hustle

The above methods will surely get you started and put you on the right track. But, if you really want quicken the game of making the money - the best way is to start your business.

And the best way to go about it is - to find some gap, find some problem out there. And then create a solution to fix it. Build an app, start a blog, start a YouTube channel and provide knowledge. Choose your favorite platform - but add value to people and solve their problems. People are then willing to pay you a handsome amount if you are genuinely helping them out.

This is exactly what we found out - at the NgNinja Academy. This blog started out as a tech blog but now it has grown so much more than that. We realized Software Engineers are not so good at managing their personal finances. And that's the gap we are trying to fill in.

We are here to help you guys build wealth. Create multiple streams of income. And we are sure you guys will enjoy and learn from our mistakes and the value bombs that we drop regularly.

And, don't be afraid to fail. Just be consistent at what you are trying to solve - one day will come when you will be amazed at what you have created. And in the process, you will surely learn some invaluable lessons.

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Invest In Yourself

After you complete the above steps - don't just stop there. Keep doing things. Learn new things every day.

One sure way to do it is - keep following our blog for constantly adding value to your life.

But, don't stop there. Follow more resources online. Don't be afraid to buy courses if you have to. It doesn't have to be expensive. Start with free courses at first. But whatever you do, don't ever stop learning.

And keep in your mind - YouTube is your best buddy!

Saving Money

After you have learned new skills, started your business, switched multiple jobs you might still be the one struggling with having money in your account at the end of the month.

And that is because we are not taught how to save money very well. Not in schools, not by our parents. But, trust me this one habit has made people Millionaires.

Each dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Keep that quote in your mind forever. And follow the below actionable steps to get good at saving your hard earned money.

Do not buy a new car

  • Buying a new car is the main money-drainer these days.
  • You don't have to buy a new car to show off your promotion.
  • Buy a 2-5 year car. It works the same as the new one but has undergone its depreciation period.
  • Drive that car until it does not drive anymore.

Housing and Renting

  • Don't waste your money on buying a new house or renting a luxurious apartment.
  • Live below your means.
  • Live in a cheap house. Should be decent though.
  • Find a house which has a gym in its community so that you don't have to spend extra.

Sleep before you buy

  • It lets your subconscious mind make up its mind on whether you really want it.
  • Do this especially for bugger purchases.
  • It gives you time to think if it really adds value to your life.
  • Some people in fact go on for a month thinking about it.
  • If after a month you still think it is beneficial - go buy it!

Automate Saving

The first law of building wealth is paying yourself first. And, to do it you need to be diligent about it. Your paycheck should automatically go into your investments account.

And, there are some super useful tools you could use to do it. The best tools I recommend is Acorns and M1 Finance.

Acorns is a micro-investing app which puts saving your hard earned money on auto-pilot. The platform invests spare change whenever you make any purchase using your linked credit card or debit card. Read our entire in-depth review of Acorns here.

M1 Finance is an online investment platform which lets you invest in partial shares of individual stocks and ETFs. It is a completely free investment platform with ZERO investment and trading fees.

You don't have to use these link. But, please trust us and automate your savings. You will be amazed how after a certain point you just don't realize how much money you have saved without actually affecting your life.

Track your spending

Next up is tracking your spending. See where you spend the most. Realize what you can cut back on. You don't have to manually do it either.

My favorite tools for tracking your spending are Mint and Personal Capital. They are completely free.

We all use the above tools at NgNinja Academy. All of them have been super helpful in helping us bringing our finances on track and be mindful about them.


In conclusion, to build wealth keep on learning new things each day. Start a business as soon as possible. And, start investing right now!

And think long term. There are no shortcuts in becoming wealthy. You have to be patient and consistent at it. Living on the minimum expenses possible and saving the rest.

Do this for a while and boom! Financial Independence is just a piece of cake. I know many people have done it. We all have done it at NgNinja Academy.

So take risks, level up, and hustle hard. Don't ever give up!

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