28 year old Web Developer recommends these books for every programmer

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17 October 2021

How many of these Web Development books have you read?

Eloquent JavaScript

  • Understand the essential elements of programming
  • Object-oriented and functional programming techniques
  • Script the browser and make basic web applications
  • Use the DOM effectively to interact with browsers

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JavaScript: The Good Parts

  • Detailed look at all the elegant parts of JavaScript
  • Write effective JavaScript code
  • Must read book for all web developers
  • Understand JavaScript functions, loose typing, dynamic objects

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The Road to React

  • Master React.js in JavaScript
  • Pragmatic use of React
  • Build a full blown React app step by step
  • React with TypeScript, Testing, Performance Optimizations

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HTML To React: The Ultimate Guide

  • Learn the anatomy of HTML and CSS
  • Get really good at JavaScript and ReactJS
  • Proven roadmap to master all web development concepts
  • Learn to build scalable, production-ready web app

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