Coding Bits: Applying programming knowledge X Algorithms and data structures for web dev

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15 October 2021

Applying Programming Knowledge

Another most frequently asked question that I always get is how do I actually apply the knowledge. So basically when I'm trying to learn a new language, a new concept in a language, how do I actually apply that knowledge? The simple answer to this question is essentially you need to practice as much as possible.

So the first step you should take is to start small.

Don't try to learn all of the together. Start small, take bite-sized lessons, learn them and try to play around with whatever you're learning.

So for example, if you are learning JavaScript arrays - build a project, build a small project which deals with lists, list of students, list of planes our list of schools, employees, anything, and just play around with the with the array functions like map, filter, and reduce.

And see what you get after using those method, how do you use them? What is the output, what are the pros and cons of each function? How does, how does each array method actually modify the array and how you can use it in your application?

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Algorithms and Data Structures for web developers

Should a web developer study algorithms and data structures?

Well, if you ask me, I believe every web developer or for that matter every program, or should have at least a basic understanding of algorithms and data structures.

This is because when you study algorithms on data structures and when you do some competitive programming and stuff like that, you, that basically develops logical thinking in you.

You start to develop that knack of breaking down bigger problems into smaller problems and then solving each small problem problem. It just becomes easier to solve small problems and combine the solutions to come up with a solution for your problem that you started with - the big problem.

And if you're a web developer and if you're developing an application. And if your app has data - then more often than not, you are going to use some data structures. And when you, when you are using data structures, you need basic knowledge of algorithms to actually use those data structure in a more optimized way.

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