Huge List of Questions That Will Make You Think

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22 December 2021

Table Of Content


❓ What are top 10 items in your bucket list?

❓ What can I get rid of today that is not adding any value to my life?

❓ What is that one goal you want to achieve this year?

❓ What one skill did you learn this year?

❓ What one career advice would you give your 5-year younger self?

❓ What is one life lesson you learned this year?

❓ Are you spending enough time with your parents?

❓ Which habits are no longer serving you and need to be replaced this year?

❓ What is one thing you like to do every day?

❓ Which hour of the day are you most productive?

❓ What do I want to accomplish in the next 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

❓ Do I really want to work for someone else? Or start something of my own? There are no wrong answers.

❓ Who is that one person I want to start having conversation with to improve my life?

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