Job Interview Question: How do you prioritize Money, Location, Family, Technology, Brand?

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12 September 2020

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Great question!

When such a question is asked in a job interview all they want to know is how much do you value your field of interest. How much are you passionate about what you are doing.

First of all - be genuine. You don't have to fake it.

But, remember - if you say money is your first choice it is more likely going to be a red flag.

So, I would answer it this way.

The priority of the options presented might change depending on the situation of the life I am in. My age. My family conditions.

But, because what am I doing is for a healthy balanced life - I would put my family at the top.

Technology for me comes second. Because I am passionate about technology. I am up for learning new technologies that I will be passionate about. But, if the company is working in some outdated technology like Visual Basics or Flash - it's a red flag for me.

Location and money can come next together. I am not worried much if I have to stay away from my family for the job for a while. I am also willing to take a little pay cut if there is job satisfaction.

The brand will fall in the last place. After all, it's just a brand name. As mentioned before I care more about job satisfaction and a balanced lifestyle more than the brand I am working for.

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