8 Free Sites to Master Frontend Development

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16 October 2022

When you're learning to master frontend development, you might feel like you're in a vacuum. It's easy to feel isolated, especially when you're just starting out.

Frontend development is a knowledge that you build your sites around, from the foundation to the final product.

If you are looking for free resources to master this skill, I have got you covered. There are so many free websites that can help you strengthen your frontend skills in no time. It doesn't matter if you're a backend developer. You'll surely find something useful here whether you want to start learning or improve your existing skills.

In this article, I'll talk about some of the best free sites on the internet that teach frontend development—even if they don't necessarily advertise themselves as teaching it.

Free Sites to Master Frontend Development

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1. Scrimba

Scrimba is a fun and fast way of learning to code!

Scrimba is an online video platform for coding courses that has gained over 120K monthly active users in the last year. The interactive screencasts make it easier for students to understand the material, and more accessible for teachers to create.

Their platform is a highly effective resource for learning frontend development.

Learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React are all available on the free tier 🔥

2. FreeCodeCamp

Over 9,000+ tutorials and tons of challenges to complete along the way to test what you've learned.

FreeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that seeks to make web development accessible to everyone. Its interactive learning platform includes tutorials on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as project assignments that students complete either alone or in pairs. Upon completing all the project tasks, students are partnered with other nonprofits to build web applications, giving them practical development experience.

Anything and everything web development. Whatever skills or technology you’re looking to build, there’s sure to be a tutorial.

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3. W3Schools

Arguably the largest web development site on the internet.

3 billion pages displayed each year. 60 million visitors each month.

Their library for learning HTML, CSS, & JavaScript is simple, comprehensive, and effective.

Learning web development should be easy to understand and available for everyone, everywhere!

4. JavaScript.info

This tutorial covers everything you need to know to get started with JavaScript. It includes the basics and goes into depth with advanced topics.

This is a great resource for mastering JavaScript.

The main course contains two parts. The first part is focused on JavaScript as a programming language and the second part covers how to work with a browser. There are also additional series of thematic articles.

5. Frontend Mentor

Work on real-world HTML, CSS and JavaScript challenges whilst building projects. Join 468,166 other developers who are solving challenges and getting better at coding.

FEM provide the style guide, static assets & everything else needed to focus on building🙌

6. MDN Docs

MDN Web Docs provides a comprehensive source of documentation for the web. It covers both HTML, CSS and APIs for Web sites and progressive web apps.

MDN's goal is to provide developers and content creators with a blueprint for making the internet a better place.

7. YouTube

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned dev, these are some of the top channels for Frontend Development.

Traversy Media, FreeCodeCamp, Programming With Mosh, Web Dev Simplified, The Net Ninja, Developed By Ed, plus many more.

8. Odin Project

A free full stack curriculum supported by a passionate open source community.

Odin Project is absolutely amazing 🔥

They combine teaching concepts & project implementation very well.

I wish I'd known about Odin Project when I was learning.

To sum it up

In the end, there are plenty of free educational resources available on the web. You just need to know where to look. Before you dive right in and start learning, do some research and consider the methodologies that you want to use.

A mix of free content at different skill levels will work best, but be sure to branch out once in a while. No matter how good you get, never stop learning—the same philosophy applies to programming as it does any other craft.

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