FREE Project Ideas

Quote of the day beginner

  • Single page application
  • Show quote for the day
  • Change quote every single day
  • Pull quote from a JSON file
  • Twist: or you can show a different quote every time user refreshes the page
  • Twist 2: You can build similar app for Joke of the day

Students community app

  • Connect with students from same field all over world
  • Filter by locations
  • Students can help each other with job search in their respective locations
  • Share study material
  • MVP - start with a Telegram group to test out this idea
  • Optimize it to parse links only when user views that part of the page
  • If it's admin consolidate the links in one page to make them easier to fix


I hope you enjoyed these FREE project ideas. Please note that I will be updating this list as I come up with new and interesting project ideas.

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