Pinterest Affiliate Marketing: Step-by-step Guide To Earning With No Money

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26 September 2023

1. Affiliate Marketing is super undervalued.

There two ways to go about it:

Find small ticket items -> share it directly on IG, Tiktok, or Pinterest

=> quick wins

Find high ticket items -> build a blog or youtube channel around it

=> takes long, but huge wins

Check out the "put it in action" section below for more details.

Also check out my 30-30-30 system to starting a profitable side hustle.

2. "chilling" is for lazy

Given the current state of economy one cannot afford to be lazy.

Remember! “S” in job stands for "Security" ... there is none.

Exactly the reason why I started this series - 0 to $100 doing low effort side hustles.

3. All you need is a laptop, internet... and patience.

Okay, I lied... you need:


Grit and determination

Ability to adapt to changes


Marketing skills

Okay to spend money to make more money faster

But, good news - all the above is learnable. So, stop giving excuses.

Put it in action...

Want some action items? Let’s dive in... 👇

First things first: This strategy works with brand new accounts too (no need to have thousands of followers)

This strategy will help you get started with a few hundred dollars every week or every month. But don't expect this strategy to replace your day job.

But don't worry! The same strategy can be modified a little to scale up to make you thousands of dollars per month. Let me know when you are there.

Now let's dive in...

Beginner niches that are profitable on Pinterest: Niched food recipes (keto, vegan, paleo, etc.)

Pet (dogs and cats)

Niched Travel (solo, camping, etc.)

Niched Sport (pickle ball, golf, etc.)

Beauty (feminine products, skin care, hair care, etc.)

Do some of your own research and choose something you are fond of.

Pro tip: Don't think too much - just get started!

Then sign up for affiliate programs. Where you can find products to market.

My recommended affiliate programs: Amazon affiliate



Optimizing your Pinterest account: Firstly, create a Pinterest business account following steps mentioned here.

Then, depending on your niche add your username, name, and description that is SEO-friendly on Pinterest.

Pro tip: User ChatGPT to recommendations.

Example: for Keto recipes Name: Keto Culinary Creations Username: @KetoCulinary

Description: Exploring the delicious world of ketogenic cuisine! 🥑🍳🥓 Discover mouthwatering keto recipes, cooking tips, and meal plans to help you live your low-carb lifestyle to the fullest. Join us on a tasty journey to better health and vitality. 💪🍽️ #KetoRecipes #LowCarbLiving #HealthyEating For profile photos and pin photos - use Canva!

You can use Canva templates for photo inspirations

If you are artistic - I'd recommend going OG

If you are low on time - you can start reposting content from other creators (Remember! this is a gray area, so I highly encourage you to give credits to the original creator). And once you start seeing success you can start creating your own content.

The Money Part 💰 Upload your creatives

Add your pin title

Add description for your creatives

And most important - add your affiliate link on the pin

Very important note: Make sure to make your title SEO-friendly so that it is discoverable for what it is intended for. And in the description, don't just spam the viewers - provide some value so that viewers would actually read it and click on your link.

That's it!

Final Thoughts... before I let you go: Consistency is the key - I'd recommend posting 3-5 pins daily

Look for viral content on IG, Tiktok - repost it on Pinterest and give credits to the owner

Friendly reminder - set realistic goal... your profits will depend on on your niche and how much consistent efforts you put in

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