How I Got 2 Job Offers The Same Day I Was Laid-Off?

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25 September 2023

(with juicy compensation details and lessons learned)

I'd just graduated from University in 2015. And I'd job in my hand even before completing my final year capstone project.

As naive as I was back then - I had accepted the very first offer I got. Only to get laid off in less than 2 years 🙈 But, this is not the story of how I got laid off. Instead - this is a story of how I got the 2 job offers on the very same day I was let go Read along… I was already not enjoying my 9-5 work. But, still had to work my a$$ off to meet the tight deadlines And on top of that I was getting paid peanuts ($70k salary). While my friends were already earning $100k+ at Amazon and Microsoft. So decided to take matter in my hands. I called some of my close friends to understand their process and strategies to prep for the interviews. And the LeetCoding began… I started solving LeetCode problems-started with 2/day. But, then increased it to solving ~5/day. During lunch breaks I used to read up on System Design and other tech stuff that could be asked in interviews… This was all going on while I was working my 9-5 job. After about 2-3 months I had started my interview process. Initially, I flunked all the interviews. But, I learned the lessons. I got experience and I understood the knack of answering questions in the interview. After a few more interviews and a lot more prep… I landed 3 job offers!!! 1/ $85k job offer 2/ $98k job offer 3/ $120k job offer!!!

Any guesses which one did I take? Well, you guessed it wrong... None! Because I was too comfortable in my job and didn't want to move. …and then one fine day I was laid off! My entire life shook… This was the first time I'd experienced something like this No one I knew in my close circle had faced something like this. So naturally, I did not know what to do in this case… I went home-and the first thing I did was call my home (back in India). They were super supportive and worried about me… Then I called a few of close friends. I am glad I have some of the best bunch of friends-because the first thing they did was refer me in their companies. They called their other close friends and asked them to refer me in their companies too. Some time had passed by-I had some lunch. I literally had to push food down my throat. 😢 …I'd lost all my energy and I was just wandering in the void Not know what to do… Until I remembered...! I remembered that just a few months before I had given a lot of interviews And had received 3 job offers! Why didn't I think of it before?!! I went ahead and emailed their recruiters-replied to the same email I had rejected their offers on. And the game of waiting began… You've absolutely no idea how each minute passed by. Every second anticipating their response "Will they offer me the job" "Will they ask me to do another loop of interviews" "Will they even reply back to me"

And I saw one unread message! It was the $120k company... and they were willing to offer me the same offer-no questions asked! My first reaction after I saw the email-I cried… with happy tears. Without even waiting for any other responses I accepted their job offer. Later I heard from the $85k job offer company… But, they wanted to interview me again. duh. I don't remember the exact details-but I think I ghosted them. (I am definitely not proud of this) And I never heard back from the third company. Well, don't they say: "All's well that ends well" And it could not be any more true. I learned very invaluable lessons in this entire journey (…of one single day) Here are some takeaways for you: Never take life for granted Never half-a$$ work at your job Always keep giving interviews and have options ready Network with many people Keep your friends close!

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