The 30-30-30 Method - To Start New Side Hustle

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15 August 2023

1. Which side hustle skills make most money

While the income potential of every side hustle varies with the location, the niche, your expertise - there's a system you can follow to earn maximum profits for your existing skill sets.

You only need these skills to start a profitable side hustle:

On top of them - every engineer should also learn these skills to never go broke:

  • Personal finance 101
  • Writing cold emails
  • Negotiation - asking for what you want
  • Public speaking

Remember - every skill can be monetized. But, don't expect to start earning money from day one.

2. How to side hustle while working a full time job?

Don't complain about not having time!

If you dream of living a financially free life - you need to put in the efforts to make it happen.

Balancing side hustle while working a full time job requires managing your time and priorities effectively.

So, here's a challenge for you:

Everyone has the same amount.

Here’s how I plan my day that allows me to do 9-5 and 5-9 hustle:

  • Wake up @ 7am
  • Quick 30 mins workout
  • Review Code every day for 30 mins
  • Focus work for at least 3 hours
  • 5PM - do 10 mins meditation
  • Call parents 30 mins (don’t skip this)
  • Cook dinner
  • Spend time with family
  • Work on side projects till I sleep @ 12.00am

3. Easy quick side hustles

Start a side hustle this year!

While it is easy to get started on a lot of side hustles - making consistent amount of profits require dedication, grit, and keeping yourself up with the changing trends.

And if you are looking for some ideas that are already working and shouldl work for at least a few next years, here's a list for you:

You can start with a $0 investment on all the following:

  • Freelancing

    • programming, blogging, photography, graphic design
  • Flipping

    • video games, bikes, watches
  • Instagram, Twitter, TikTok

    • build audience and sell info products
  • SaaS

    • solve super niched e-com sellers' pain point
    • find what is selling, find what are some pain points - bam! develop an app to solve it
    • if you want to build SaaS applications 10x faster - you should check out Divjoy - React codebase generator

Don’t wait for next year!

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4. How to make $10k a month side hustle?

If you are like me - you'd have read people earning $10k/month on the side and thought it's a lie.

It's not!

Earning consitent monthly income on the side that could eventually replace your job is completely possible. Provided you stick to a plan.

Here are some common traits that people have who have already made it:

  • They have done the market research well
  • They do not let shiny object syndrome affect them
  • They are not afraid to invest money to make more money
  • They are coninuously learning

From Zero to $10K - stories like these keep me going

What can you learn from Tony?

  • Start small, start now

    • I love how biased Tony is towards taking actions
    • You don't have to overthink side hustles
  • Seize opportunities

    • As mentioned above - find out what is selling already
    • Find where the money is flowing already
    • Tap into it - don't reinvent the wheel
  • Marketing is magic

    • Be it your side hustle or your 9-5 career
    • If you don't market yourself, you'll never grow

Put it in action...

Here’s my 30-30-30 method for you to start a new side hustle this year:

  • 30-minutes

    • Spend 30-minutes brainstorming ideas for a side hustle
    • Get up 30-minutes earlier daily to work on your side hustle
    • Spend more 30-minutes in the evening daily
  • 30-days

    • Do the above routine for 30-days, every day
    • Don't question yourself
    • Only question your process - and iterate on it
  • 30-people

    • Talk to 30-people about your side hustle plan
    • Validate your idea
    • Make a new connection
    • Start finding 30-customers

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