Use ChatGPT to make your first $100 this weekend

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11 July 2023

1. Best ChatGPT tools you should know about

Tools help make things simples and achieve things faster. ChatGPT tools espcially have helped with with:

People are savings 100s of hours every month and making money. If you want to do the same here's a list of my favorite tools: have some amazing AI tools:

  • Travel/Adventure
  • Writing
  • Programming
  • Ad tools
  • Research tools
  • Health
  • Planning misc stuff

and many more such beautiful categories...

I can spend all week trying those tools out.

2. Best uses of ChatGPT cheat sheet

While some folks are making $1000's using the power of ChatGPT - many folks are still lost and don't know how to leverage its power to their advantage.

This cheat sheet gives us advanced usage of ChatGPT that can save you hours every day:

I challenge myself to not just use ChatGPT for writing programs for me.

I mean yes, it saves me a lot of time and effort.. but, I want to go beyond it.

For the last two weeks, I have used ChatGPT in the following ways that have helped me generate more income through side hustles.

💪 Challenge for you at the bottom of this post (put it in action).

3. How to make money off ChatGPT?

The main question, I believe, everyone wants to know answer to.

While ChatGPT itself won't pay you any money, here's how you can make side income using it:

  • Building websites that make consistent income. (read more)
  • Creating content for your social media account. (read more)
  • Scaling your freelancing services. (read more)

Automating online money through ChatGPT

Here's my suggestion to get you started:

  • Think beyond programming if you truly want to leverage ChatGPT for side income
  • Start small - but think big
  • Start with services/gigs that are selling the most to get quick wins

If you are already earning on the side...

Here's how you can level up:

  • Think of automation
  • How can ChatGPT help you automate your business?
  • Try out a premium subscription to ChatGPT
  • Use things like ChatGPT - Zapier to automate workflows

4. I heard you’re a fan of more cheat sheets...

Do you have cheat sheets or lists you want to share with our community?

Send it over - I will give a shout out on my Twitter account.

Put it in action...

The challenge to you: apart from programming what else can you use ChatGPT for?

Examples of how I use it:

  • Write tweets for running giveaways for my courses
  • Find out how many dividend stocks of SPYD and DVY I need to own to - generate $100 per year pure passive income
  • Get a video script for promoting this newsletter
  • Get an action plan for helping one of my students go from mid-level - software engineer to senior software engineer

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