How to Make $100/day On Etsy

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17 October 2023

Now, let’s dive in...

1. Folks are building profitable Etsy stores in 24 hours

If You are a beginner in E- the com industry, 🍻Cheers! Etsy is the best option for you. Why?

✅ Etsy fees are low

✅ You can offer personalized products

✅ You get free views if you do the SEO right.

And, you don’t have to aim for $2.5m from the get go. But, getting one sale per day on Etsy is not difficult. (read along...)

2. Etsy SEO + product research = daily sales!!!

$5k in first month is very doable - but like any other online business if you want to see consistent early profits - you need to carve out a niche for yourself.

If you need a 101 lesson on how to find your profitable niche - learn here how to find one that you’d enjoy and earn consistent profits.

Product research process is simple:

List down the keywords from your niche

Search them on Etsy - see what is selling

Think how you can make it better

Start listing 1-3 products every day with optimized SEO

(Comment below/reply to email if you want me to talk about Etsy SEO in details.)

3. Personalize to stand out

Don’t go for “cheap” products. Etsy is a game where you offer personalized items at a premium price.

As we become more conscious of our choices, everyone is preferring personalized and customized gifts... and Etsy is famous for it.

4. Aim for 100 product listings!

Yes, on Etsy if you want to rank yourself higher - I’d suggest you start aiming for at least 💯 products in your store.

Don’t worry it’s not too expensive - in fact, the company prides itself on the fact that you only need 20¢ to open an Etsy shop.

BTW, you can list 40 items for FREE if you use this link to open your Etsy shop.

Just take care of a few things:

Clear product images

Optimize title and Description according to Etsy search engine

Don’t spam Etsy with 10+ products every day. Put in gradual work to show Etsy you are consistently improving your store.

Put it in action...

Now that you are familiar with the What, Why, and How of Etsy - let’s get you an action plan and set you up for success.

Step 1: Finding winning niche/product

Spend a couple of day researching on Etsy and trying to find a pattern on what’s selling the most.

The goal is to find what’s selling on Etsy and what interests you.

Think on the lines of:

What kind of merchandise to sell? Phone cases? Clothing? Jewelry?

What niche you enjoy the most? Parenting? Astrology? Healthy recipes?

How can you make the most selling products better?

Step 2: Researching your competition

Once you have narrowed down your niche and product types to sell

The next step is to research competition

Find 8-10 Etsy shops that are selling what you want to sell and study them in-depth

Research their products, their style of images, their copywriting skills

Step 3: Set up your shop and start listing items

Most important aspects of your shops are:

Shop’s about-us page - tell your story here

Shop’s announcement - give away some discount codes here

Shop’s policies - return, privacy, shipping

Shipping and processing times

Then start designing your products. As usual - your go to tools are:

Canva - for creating designs

Placeit - for generating mock ups

Printful - your print on demand (POD) partner

Step 4: Grow your business

Best thing about Etsy is that it is a marketplace - so it has inbuilt traffic.

Worst thing about Etsy is that is a marketplace :) - therefore there are too many sellers trying to compete against each other.

And that’s the most important reason why you need to work hard to stand out:

Carve out a specific niche

SEO optimize your product details

Images should be super high quality

Show your product in use - instead of just throwing in a mock up of it. Example: someone drinking from a coffee mug or wearing a tshirt - instead of just their mock ups.

Try out social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok - but I would suggest focus on optimizing your Etsy shop before you distract yourself with other social media platforms.

Don’t be afraid to spend money on ads. This includes collaborating with influencers or running Meta/Tiktok ads.

Remember - running Etsy shop is a business, not a get-rich-quick schema, so treat it like one. Have patience and put in the hard work. And again, please comment below/reply to email if you want me to talk about any of the above topics in further details..

If you are serious about your Etsy business - have a top notch customer service. If needed, hire a VA to do the customer service and never be stingy on the refunds. Customer happiness is key to longevity, regardless of who is wrong or right.

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