How to Make $100/day On Upwork

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24 October 2023

Now let’s expose some hard truths about Upwork... and get you an action plan to turn it into profits.

1. Converting your thoughts into a “money tree”

Well, you know what they say - if you can think about it, you can achieve it.

That has never been truer.

But, the road to success on Upwork is full of bumps:

It’s a chicken-and-egg problem: you need reviews to get consistent jobs. But if you don’t get the jobs - how are you going to get the reviews? 🙊

The key to solving this problem is to look for easy low hanging fruits. It is okay to take them even if they don’t pay you much for your time. Initially, you goal should be to get as many reviews as possible on Upwork.

For the first few months try to get these Upwork badge 👇

2. Choosing Right Platform

Don’t get distracted by too many options. All of them have their pros and cons. Just choose one, give your 200% to it, produce quality work, communicate timely and professionally - and you ‘ll see success in no time!

Tip: Avoid the “shiny object syndrome” (wiki).

For now, let’s focus on Upwork - why?

3. Oldest trees have the largest roots (network)

Why Upwork? Because, is one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces where businesses can connect with freelancers to hire them for projects.

And the clients are not just looking for Software Developers? There’s a humungous range of jobs available on Upwork:

Virtual assistant (lifestyle, office work)

Digital artists (designer, UI/UX, arts)

Creative editor (photo, video, audio)

Brand growth (marketing, designing, sales)

Travel and planning (events, parties, occasions)

4. First impressions matter :)

The profile is the very first thing on which clients will judge you. So spend some time improving your profile - it’s worth your efforts.

Here’s what I did for my Upwork profile:

Professional high quality photo

Clear title indicating my skills and expertise

Highlight my niche (I offered web development services)

Showcase my past client work and personal projects

Testimonials, achievements, education, awards - all these make a difference.

If you are serious to learn everything you need to master freelancing as a Web Developer or Web Designer and earn a side or full-time income with freelancing - this link is for you*.

5. “A hard worker always beats a lazy genius.”

Yes, these are realistic goals - provided you put in the hard work.

So, here’s an action plan for you to make it happen 👇

Put it in action...

Step 1: Strong profile goes a long way

Use professional photo

Show case as many skills and expertise in your niche as possible

Highlight your best projects on portfolio - use as many images as possible

Step 2: Start with one niche

For first 3-months focus on only one niche

Try to find as many leads as possible

Goal is to learn how Upwork works and how to convince clients

Remember - always maintain a professional relationship and timely communication

Tip: Don’t be afraid to jump on calls to seal the deal.

Step 3: Start small

Upwork free plan only gives your 10 credits/month. So at the beginning only focus on small projects (around 3-4 credits).

Goal here is to get as many 5-star reviews as possible. So that clients notice you when you apply for high paying jobs later.

Tip: Be open to revisions and feedback.

Step 4: Join communities

There are discord servers and telegram groups that hosts Upwork freelancers

Join them, make contacts, learn from each other

There are often freelancing gigs put out in those channels - keep an eye out.

Remember, earning your first $100 is just the beginning. With persistence, dedication, and a commitment to delivering high-quality work, you can grow your freelancing income on Upwork and achieve your financial goals.

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