How Faceless YouTube Channel Can Make You $100/day

1. Woot! That’s a lot of moolah...

Shruti also lists down well-researched niches that pays the highest. Here’s my favorite ones with my own additions to it:

Make money online, Finance & Investing

Tech and Gadgets

Pet care

Travel super-niches like: train travel, solo travel

Important tip I have learned in a hard way: You have to find a super niche and establish an authority for maximum profits.

2. More videos you upload... more you’ll make in return

Think of you content as your micro-investments. Each video you upload on YouTube will go out there and create an ROI for you. So, if you want to increase your profits - it’s simple - upload more videos.

But, don’t get too excited. It’s easy to start upload 5 videos per day - but can you stay consistent with it?

Remember, online business is a long game. So, only commit to what you can consistently reproduce.

3. I’ll take it even if it makes me $1k/m - would you not?

Faceless YouTube channel is the new rage. It has become more feasible with AI coming into the picture.

But, quick tip - remember, everyone is using AI. So, carve yourself a super niche and position yourself uniquely to standout.

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4. Topics to get your started

Put it in action... And yes, if you are wondering - faceless videos generated with AI can go viral and be monetized... if you are know the right strategies to it.

Step 1: Let me repeat myself (for good reason) - YOU NEED TO FIND A NICHE. But for this system to work - you need to go 2 levels deeper.

Eg: Fitness → Home workouts → home-based HIIT

Eg: Pets → Dog care → positive reinforcement training for dogs

Exercise: find similar 2 level deep niches for these high profit niches:

Virtual travel experiences

Hacks to use AI in interviews

Kids stories

Food channel that created AI generated recipes

Step 2: These steps are simple (use ChatGPT highly recommended):

Find name and channel description for the Youtube channel

Generate cover image and logo for the Youtube channel (use Canva)

Step3: Topics - ChatGPT to the rescue.

Here’s a ChatGPT prompt for you: “Give me 20 short form video ideas for home-based HIIT workouts.”

All topics would be relatively great - but our first job is to search for each topic and rank them based on views/engagement it gets. And start with the highest scoring topic.

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Step 4: Script for the video.

You have couple of options here: 1/ use ChatGPT or 2/ use InvideoAI

I’d suggest give InvideoAI a spin. It’s specifically created for AI-generated videos.

Here’s a prompt for you: “Write Youtube short script about Tabata 4-minute fat-burning circuit, keep it informal and relaxed, include a hook.”

Tip: Don’t just blindly use the script. Give it your own spin - make it unique to your style.

Step 5: Generate video and voice over

After generating the script - click on generate video (Create Scenes button). For voice over - use the Voice Over icon and click “Automated text to speech” menu option. You can choose your language and artist for the voice. There are a lot of other video editing options - I’d highly suggest trying them out.

Tip: Don’t forget to select a suitable music for your video. It can be done through InvideoAI itself.

Step 6: Driving traffic to your Youtube channel

Use the right Youtube SEO (title, description, hashtags)

Optimize your video thumbnail

Post videos regularly - so that Youtube can boost your content. I’d suggest 3-5 videos a week.

Cross-share your videos on other platforms

Respond to comments on your and your competitor’s videos

Run ads (invest to move faster!!!)

Remember, growing a Youtube channel takes time and consistency (and money if you want to grow faster). Focus on providing value to your audience, and as your content improves and your audience grows, so will your channel's visibility.

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