How to Flip Items on Facebook Marketplace to Earn Money

1. If you are new to side hustles - it's okay to start cheap...

Retail Arbitrage or Flipping is one of the cheapest ways to start earning quick money on weekends.

If you are new to flipping here's what it means:

Buy items at lower price at bargain stores like Ross, TJMax, or clearance sales at Walmart - and resell them for a profit.

2. Don’t expect overnight success though

For any side hustle you choose be ready to dedicate 3-5 months of complete honest disciplined hard work.

The more you do this, the better you will get at developing a feel for what could likely be profitable. Don't give up after 2 weeks.

Here's a raw roadmap for flipping to get started this weekend:

Choose a niche wherein people are highly passionate about it

eg: outdoor gear, sneakers, musical instruments

eg: collectibles like rare coins, vintage toys, comic books, trading cards

Find source for buying products at lower cost

Adjust your profit margins

List your product on market places like Facebook, eBay, or Walmart

And don't complain about not having time - read my previous post on how I plan my day that allows me to do 9-5 and 5-9 hustle.

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3. If you want more flipping ideas... here you go

A smart strategy is where people are willing to pay premium for items they are truly passionate about.

Although certain items I usually avoid flipping:

Generic home decor

Large furniture

Mass-produced toys or electronics

Low-grade jewelry

Obsolete technology

They either require a lot of initial capital, or are mass produced, or are too generic to earn any profits.

4. Here’s a successful case study to get your pumped up

Pay attention to some very important keywords in Casey's case study:

"limited quantity" released

"use bots" for automation

“newsletter” to scale your business

Flipping isn't how to make a living, but it's a great way to get a little extra spending money when you have time to kill.

Put it in action...

People are making $100s and even $1000s per week using this strategy of flipping items on Facebook Marketplace

What are some good items to flip for maximum profits?

Vinyl records or Original artwork

Vintage items like music instruments

Comic books and trading cards

But... what are some easy items to flip for quick wins?

Gaming consoles or video games

Branded clothing and shoes

Lego or Board games

Okay... but where do I buy items to flip?

Thrift stores, flee market, Goodwill

Garage sales

Online marketplaces - etsy, Amazon, Walmart, Costco

Look for clearance sales on these online stores

Free pickups on Craigslist or local facebook groups

Sign up for Walmart using this link to get $20 off on your first order.

How much profit can I expect to make?

Remember - flipping items won’t make you rich overnight. It’s a cheap side hustle that takes time to scale up.

So, here are realistic profits for some of the example items:

Branded clothing - $5 to $25 per item

Sneakers - $20 to $100 per pair

Phone cases - $5 to $10 per item

Watches - $20 to $100 per item

Gaming consoles - $20 to $80 per item

Board games - $10 to $40 per item

Ah...! I am excited - where do I sell/flip these items now?

eBay - perfect for electronics, clothings, collectibles, low-end items

Amazon - perfect for video games, electronics, high-end items

Walmart - perfect for clothings, furniture, hardware, home decor items

Facebook Marketplace - perfect for everything! very easy for beginners to get started.

Here’s an action plan for you:

Spend couple of days, 1-2 hours each day to research items. Look for how much those/similar items are selling for on the marketplaces.

Buy 2-4 items within $20-$50 price range. Not too high and easy to flip.

List them out on Facebook Marketplace.

Use top notch SEO when listing items.

Use maximum keywords in your title and descriptions.

Use high quality product images

Use of video is highly recommended!

AND strictly post use-generated-content. No mock images.

Remember - like for any other side hustle all the fundamentals of marketing still apply here. If you are new to side hustle consider taking my FREE Instagram Money guide to learn the strategies.

Make Money On Instagram

Quick tips from my personal experience:

Try to find free items to flip.

Negotiate prices when buying the item.

Fast and clear communication is the key when selling items.

Start small and cap your budget.

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