How I Automate Client Finding on Fiverr?

Make it easy for you to find Fiverr freelancing gigs. You can automate a large part of this process with the tools I show you below.

Read till the end to learn how to automate client finding for your freelancing gig.

1. Which website is best for freelancing?

Are you diving into the freelancing pool? Check out this list..

For beginners, I would suggest the following:

Fiverr is the easiest to start with.

Feel free to take inspiration from other best-selling freelancers and craft your gig based on that.

Once you complete 8-10 small projects on Fiverr - then move on to Upwork.

I believe that platform is more for serious freelancers and will get you bigger and higher paying projects.

2. How much do Web Developer freelancers make?

If you are thinking of starting Web Development as your freelancing gig - here's a roadmap for freelancing success:

Don’t know Bootstrap or React? No problem...

Offer websites using CMS like Wordpress.

Or build a Shopify store for an ecom brand (this is very lucrative!).

Other services could be - SEO optimization, and website performance optimization.

(If you want to learn web development - here’s a free crash course for you.)

The income made by web developer freelancers varies widely based on:

  • Their location
  • Their expertise
  • Their quality of work
  • Their communication skills
  • How complicated the project is

But, as a beginner, you can start charging $15-$35 per hour.

As you get more experience and reviews on your freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork - you can bump it up to $50-$75 per hour.

Then, the top-level freelancers charge $100 to even +$250 per hour for web development projects.

Tip: It is better to charge a project fee rather than an hourly rate. Why?

3. What side gigs pay the most?

First off - don’t limit yourself to tech...

As a senior SW engineer myself - I have done freelancing in many other fields than just tech.

  • Writing blog as ghostwriters
  • Writing product descriptions for ecom brands
  • Logo designing using Canva
  • Graphic designing for fashion brand
  • Help set up a Shopify store for someone and give them an action plan for their dropshipping business

The point is... don’t limit yourself to “just” programming.

Checkout my article on: How to Make $1,000 as a Freelance Developer in 5 Easy Steps

4. Can you freelance with a full-time job?

Read this only if you are serious...

Yes, it is possible to do freelancing with a full-time job.

It requires effective time management and a clear understanding of your priorities.

If you are easily affected by the shiny object syndrome - then it will be quite difficult for you to juggle both freelancing and full-time job.

The key to balancing both freelancing and full-time job is this:

  • Learn to set your priorities right
  • Focus on only 1-2 things at a time
  • Avoid burning out
  • Select the highest ROI freelancing projects only
  • "Automate" as many things as possible

“automate” - that’s one of those words which are easily thrown around but no one knows “how” to implement it.

Here’s how I do it...

Put it in action...

  • Define what service are you offering. Define your target audience.

    • ex: set up Shopify shop for aspiring ecom brands/dropshippers
  • Set up the best gig profile on Fiverr - optimize its SEO using Fiverr’s - “Keyword Research” tool

  • Set up Twitter alerts for keywords in your niche

    • “dropshipping”, “ecom”, “products to sell”, “Shopify set up”
    • use tools like Zapier or IFTTT to automate this
  • Create a standard pitch that highlights your value propositions

    • Of course, customize it for each individual
    • Offer free guides to help them get started
  • Use hypefury to automate follow up messages

But! Remember to balance automation with personalized communication to - build trust and establish a strong connection with your potential - clients.

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