How To Price Print On Demand Products? The Ultimate Guide

When starting a print on demand business, one of the most important tasks is determining the right price for your products.

In this article, let's dive into how to research and analyze your competition's pricing on platforms like Etsy, calculate your costs including shipping and fees, and determine a profitable price range for your products.

Additionally, let's also look at other factors such as product demand, finding viral designs, high-quality mock-ups, and effective SEO strategies in driving sales.

What Is A Good Profit Margin For Print On Demand?

When it comes to determining a good profit margin for print on demand, there are several factors to consider.

Profit margins can vary depending on your niche, your product design, the product quality, competition, and market demand. However, as a general guideline, a profit margin of 30-50% is considered reasonable in the POD industry.

But, remember - you should take into consideration the production costs, shipping fees, and platform fees. And adjust your profit margins likewise.

Here's an in-depth analysis on how much does it cost to start and sell on etsy.

Researching Competitor Pricing

To determine the right price for your print on demand products, it is crucial to research and analyze your competitors' pricing.

Let's look at an example.

Go to Etsy and search for "sweatshirts" - find similar products and observe their pricing details. Are they offering free shipping? or are the shipping costs added separately?

Many sellers price each size and variations differently. So, also do note that.

On average, sweatshirts on Etsy cost between $30-$45 range.

You'd often see sellers adding complementary products to their store. Buyers often buy more than one item if they like the designs - this can increase your average order value (AOV).

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Other Important Factors

Here are several other factors that affect your sales, in turn could potentially affect your pricing strategy.

Product Demand

It is essential to sell items that are in demand. If no one is searching for your product, how can you expect to make sales?

Understanding the market and identifying trending design styles can help attract more customers.

High-Quality Mock-ups

Using visually appealing mock-ups that allow customers to visualize the product's appearance can significantly impact sales. Investing time and money in generating high-quality product images can make a difference.

Effective SEO and Marketing Strategies

Optimizing product titles and tags with relevant keywords can improve visibility and attract potential customers. Utilize all available characters in the title along with all the 13 tags provided by Etsy.

Put yourself into the shoes of your potential buyers. Ask yourself what could they search for when finding your products. And, use those keywords in your titles and tags.

How to Calculate Costs and Profit?

To calculate the costs and profit for your print on demand products, let's use two popular POD platforms: Printify and Etsy.

Let's continue with our above example for the Gildan 18000 sweatshirt from Printify.

Notice that the cost of the sweatshirt varies based on the colors and the production company chosen. So, also consider that.

If you are worried about costs, Printify also offers a premium subscription which reduces cost per product with some additional benefits. With Printify Premium, the cost of a sweatshirt can be reduced by up to $5. So, do consider the cost savings from Printify Premium when deciding on the final price for your sweatshirts.

How Much Do Print On Demand Sellers Make?

The earnings of print on demand sellers can vary greatly depending on several factors such as the number of sales, pricing strategy, marketing strategies, and product designs.

In addition, your time in the market matters a quite too. Meaning, that the more you sell, the more your potential customers would trust your products based on the reviews - and faster you'd continue to sell.

To determine how much you can make with print on demand business, it's essential to consider the profit margins. Don't feel pressured to lowball your products. Print on Demand business model is known for selling high-quality products, not for cheap prices.

Final Thoughts

Remember, success in the print on demand business requires continuous effort, market research, and the ability to create unique and appealing designs that resonate with customers.

To determine the price for your products, consider the production costs, shipping fees, and platform fees - and set your profit margins accordingly.

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