Is Print On Demand Still Profitable [In 2024]

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30 November 2023

Wondering how to make Print On Demand truly profitable in 2024? Or is Etsy custom prints profitable and your golden ticket to the financial freedom?

Well, you're in the right place! Let's unravel the secrets behind maximizing your profits in the ever-evolving world of POD.

Now, the answer to the burning question "Is POD Still Profitable?" is a resounding yes!

And, let me prove that to you.

What Is Print On Demand?

Let's break down the magical business model.

In a nutshell, it let's you set up an online business of custom products without having to store the inventory or the infrastructure to manufacture it.

Instead of stocking piles of inventory, you can focus on your craft - creating unique designs.

And when someone places an order, that's when the magic happens!

POD companies like Printful and Printify step in - they print, pack, and ship your products directly to the customer.

No need for a massive warehouse or worrying about excess stock gathering dust. And not need to handle shipping hassles too.

It's a dynamic model that lets you turn your creative spark into tangible, personalized products without the hassle of handling the nitty-gritty logistics.

Easy, right?

How Much Profit Can You Make from Print On Demand?

Alright, let's talk numbers!

When it comes to POD, the profit potential is as vast as your creativity.

On average, sellers can enjoy a healthy profit margin of 30% to 50% per sale.

But, wait! Don't get to excited.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires patience and applying the right strategies mentioned in the next sections.

"Is volume the key to e-commerce profit?"


The more designs you offer, the wider your audience, and the greater your sales. It's not just about the masterpiece-art you create; it's about the variety that caters to diverse tastes. Because remember - every person is different. Their tastes are different.

Let's put it in perspective

Imagine selling 100 unique items a month, each generating a $10 profit.

That's a cool $1,000 right there!

Now - what if you create and 500 items instead?

As your volume increases, so does your e-commerce profit. It's a win-win scenario where creativity meets maths.

So, unleash those ideas, diversify your offerings, and watch the profits roll in!

What Is The Future of Print On Demand Business

Well, everyone likes to know the future - so brace yourself with some exciting insights.

According to recent trends, the POD industry is projected to reach a whopping $38 billion by 2030.

The demand for custom-made products like design T-shirts or custom Jewelry is soaring. And will continue to do so.

How to Start a Print On Demand Business with No Money

Alright, excited enought?

Now let's dive into the step by step process on how to create a POD business with zero upfront costs.

Step 1: Setting Up a Shopify Store

Shopify is user friendly and offers easy to build an e-commerce website builder.

Sign up for a free trial to jump into the world of online selling.

They offer a range of free themese your can choose from. Opt for the simplest one which is easy to customize and user friendly.

Step 2: POD Ideas Research

This is where you unleash your creativity by exploring product ideas.

Start by researching what is selling already. Because, when it comes to online business it is crucial not to reinvent the wheel.

So, choose a niche that is already working and give it your own twist to stand out in the market.

Step 3: Integration with POD services:

Most of the print on demand services are free to start with. You only pay them when some customer orders from you.

My favorite ones are Printful and Printify.

Both of these POD services can be easily integrated with your Shopify store.

Step 3: Customization and Showcase Your Products

Infuse your store with personality by adding your logo, selecting cohesive colors, and establishing a visual identity that sets the tone for your brand.

Then, populate your Shopify store with your unique designed products. Make sure they are accompanied by compelling product descriptions.

Highlight the distinctive features of customized mousepads and personalized coffee mugs to captivate potential customers.

Step 4: Optimize SEO of Your Products

Optimize your store and product listings for SEO - to increase your store visibility for search engines.

This is the most important step - because we are building a online store business free of cost.

Incorporate relevant keywords, focusing on terms related to customized mousepads and personalized coffee mugs - or your select product niche.

And, finally launch your store!

If you want to get free traffic for your products below are some marketplaces you should look into.

Looking for the E-commerce sites with a ready-made audience? You are in luck.

E-commerce marketplaces can provide a head start to your business by leveraging their existing traffic.

Platforms like Teelaunch or Etsy boast millions of monthly visitors, offering your products immediate exposure.

With Etsy, for instance, sellers have witnessed a significant boost, tapping into a vast user base that averages over 500 million visitors monthly.

These E-commerce marketplaces not only simplify the selling process but also present a golden opportunity to showcase your products to a massive and engaged audience.

Ready to turn your passion into profit on Etsy? Here are 5 reasons why you should start Etsy shop before this year ends.

Final Thoughts

Yes, Print on demand is still profitabl in 2024 - given, that you follow the strategies mentioned in this article.

If you do the right product research and design products that resonates with your audience, you can start earning passive income in minimum time required.

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