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17 January 2020

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I am sure you know what TikTok is unless you are living under the rock until now.

If you are really not aware of it - just ask any kid around you and you'll know.

Era Of The Internet "Entrepreneurs"

We have all seen what it is. Hesitated to open an account at first. But, some of us finally just gave in. For many people, it starts with watching those non-sensical TikTok mashup videos on YouTube during night outs with your friends.

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Here's what I am talking about:

Mashup 1

Mashup 2

But that very app which was known as before and now TikTok has taken everyone by the storm. People are getting on the platform and going viral literally overnight.

In fact, many internet "entrepreneurs" have started their online-careers by going viral on TikTok. Now they have YouTube channels where they are literally printing money.

It is slowly becoming a mainstream platform which might soon take over Instagram.

Well, if you are still not convince - a lot of celebrities are also using it:

Cardi B

Jonas Brothers

The Exponential Growth

TikTok now has over 500 Million active users. And the number is growing every day.

Here are some super interesting statistics on TikTok. According to Oberlo's stats, TikTok was the most downloaded app on Apple Store in Q1 of 2019.

The growth is almost exponential and that's not even the best part.

The best part is that people are going viral overnight.

If you are someone who likes instant gratification - TikTok is for you. But, although this sounds easy you need to be consistent with the content. You might not be the funniest person in the room but you have to try out different things on TikTok to see what sticks.

Just put out the first thing that comes to your mind.

If you are thinking of hopping on the TikTok-train, only keep one thing mind - don't overthink. Lose all your inhibitions and pour your heart out.

Two Proven Ways To Go Viral

From my experience, I have seen two trends that have proven to go viral.

1. Be Dumb

2. Be Cute

Yes, be dumb as much as you can. People love to see other people acting dumb. Right now, if you can go to the for-you page on TikTok, and take a look at the first few videos, most of them would be people acting dumb and getting a ton of likes for it.

By the way, for-you page on TikTok is like the discover page on Instagram. You get new recommendations to watch videos and to follow other users.

The second way is to act cute. This works really well for the ladies (no offence to guys, but we are just cute that way :)). Although, I don't want to dishearten the guys here - I have so many male friends that collaborate with their friends to create cute content. And they are getting a lot of traction too. You can try lip-syncing as well. Maybe try combining it with being cute.

You don't have to understand WHY things go viral. TikTok just works that way.

But, as I said before - nothing will work unless you are consistent. Initially start by putting five to six videos every day. Experiment as much as possible and see what sticks with TikTok.

Slowly, people will start noticing you and liking you. TikTok pushes such videos exponentially after it has gotten that initial traction.

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Trends are the biggest thing on TikTok. Always keep an eye out on what's trending not only on TikTok but overall on the Internet. I like to keep tabs on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow the trending topics and hashtags and make videos on it.

If you are too lazy to do the research at least keep looking at the for-you page on TikTok. I have gotten some of my best ideas from the for-you page. Just add the videos you like to your favourites for future reference. After you have gotten a nice backlog, keep churning out amazing videos based off of that. But don't keep sitting on those favourite videos. Act soon or else you'll miss the trend-train.

My Secret Sauce To Go Viral

Well, here's my secret sauce. The proven formula. The ultimate magical potion.

Don't Try!

That's it. There it is.

Just don't overthink on it and don't ever overdo anything. Go ahead and make the video based on the first thought you get when you are most delusional. By the time you come back to your senses - you might have just gotten viral over the internet.

But, seriously. Try it out and do it consistently. From my experience, I have realized TikTok is very different from other social platforms out there like Instagram and YouTube.

Sound Check

After you've experimented with the above-mentioned tricks I'd encourage you to experiment with the sound too.

Music is another thing TikTok values the most. It is that secret weapon which can get you featured on the for-you page. So, next time when you are creating videos picks up the trending music.

Go to Create Videos. Click on Music Icon. Select from what's currently trending and make a video around that. You can also favourite the sounds from other videos when you are casually browsing and make your own library. Then next time you could just select one from your own library and make a video on it.


To reiterate I'd encourage you to make as many videos as you can. Let TikTok decide which one to push - the name of the game is Quantity when it comes to TikTok.

And don't forget to ride on the trend. Make videos on what's currently trending and give it your twist.

Finally, the sound is super important in TikTok. So, select something catchy, something funny, or something cute. Just keep on experimenting.

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