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21 January 2020

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I love to read question and answers a lot on Quora. I spend half my time perusing content on that platform - sometimes for fun, a lot of times to get better insights on my life.

Here's a curated list of all the questions that I have found fascinating. I will update this list of questions as I come across more amazing ones.

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Q: My boyfriend bought me a very expensive gift, but I was planning to dump him. How do I deal with this situation?

Q: My employer has no dog policy. How should I convince them to change it?

Q: How much passive income did you make in 2019?

Q: Why should you not date someone who is earning more than you?

Q: Is there a way for me to get Minecraft Java Edition for free if I already own Windows 10 Edition?

Q: How did you get on the same page with your partner regarding personal finances and financial goals?

Q: My friend called off her engagement because her fiancé lied about his past. I think she took a drastic step. Am I wrong?

Q: My brother is turning 32 next month. How do I convince him to get married sooner?

Q: My in-laws are getting on my nerves. How do I deal with them?

P.S. I'd encourage you to answer questions on Quora if you don't agree with any of them. It's fun!

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