How to Use MidJourney AI for Free? Can You, and Free MidJourney Alternatives

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22 January 2024

In this article, we will discuss MidJourney, an AI tool used to create modern-looking digital paintings and graphics, and its costs. MidJourney AI allows users to generate unique digital art pieces based on different prompts. While the free trial version of MidJourney is no longer available, there are free AI tools available that you can replace it with.

How to Use MidJourney AI for Free?

Previously, MidJourney offered a free trial version, but they have now stopped it. The company ended its free trial due to excessive demand and trial abuse.

Currently, their basic plan starts at $10/month, while the same plan costs you $96/year. The basic plan has limited AI generations and some other features. But, if you want more out of AI there are higher-priced plans available too.

Don't lose your hopes. We will now explore the top five best free MidJourney alternatives for AI art generation. Some of these tools offer unlimited free use, while others have daily or weekly usage quotas. So, let's dive in and discover these amazing free AI art generators!

Free MidJourney Alternatives for AI Art Generation

1. Bing AI Image Generator (Bing Creator)

The first best free mid-journey alternative is the Bing AI Image Generator, also known as Bing Creator.

Bing AI Image Generator

It utilizes the new and improved Dall-e-3 AI art generator engine. The platform offers crisp and beautiful designs that are generated quickly.

While the image generation process may take longer without using the Boost feature, you can still enjoy 100% unlimited usage. The Boost feature allows for faster image generation and provides 22 boosts per week, which reset every week.

Bing AI Image Generator is a simple yet effective platform for producing fantastic images with just a few button clicks.

2. Canva AI

The next best free mid-journey alternative is Canva AI. Canva is a popular design platform that has recently incorporated AI into its features. It offers a free online AI image generator called Magic Media.

Canva AI Magic Media

Canva AI is known for its simplicity and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. To access the AI image generator, simply create a design, select the Magic Media tool from the Apps section, and input your prompt.

Canva AI provides various styles and aspect ratios to choose from. While it offers a limited number of credits for free usage, you can create multiple accounts to access more credits. Canva AI is perfect for quick designs with just a few button clicks.

3. Playground AI

Playground AI offers a gallery of images that you can use to create cool images. You can click on an image and either copy the prompt or remix it to enter the generation studio.

Playground AI

Playground AI allows you to switch between board and canvas modes, with canvas mode offering more flexibility in generating multiple images.

While there are some limitations on the number of images you can create per day, Playground AI still provides a decent amount of free usage without watermarks or restrictions on commercial use.

4. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is another excellent free mid-journey alternative for AI art generation. While it requires a whitelist access, the process is quick and easy.

Playground AI

Leonardo AI offers tokens that reset every day, allowing for virtually unlimited usage. It recently upgraded its engine to Alchemy V2, which includes models like Leonardo Diffusion XL, Leonardo Vision XL, and AlbedoBase XL.

Leonardo AI provides various feature-rich options, such as photo-realistic generation, input dimensions, and guidance scales. The image generation process takes around 35 to 40 seconds, but the results are impressive. Leonardo AI also offers refining and upscaling features, along with a fully-featured native iOS and Android app for on-the-go generation.

5. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a free mid-journey alternative that offers not only AI image generation but also amazing generative AI features.

Adobe Firefly

It allows you to create a free Adobe ID and access Adobe Firefly straight from the web-based version. The platform offers text-to-image generative AI, text effects, and more.

Adobe Firefly provides different filters, visual intensity adjustments, and style options. You can even upload reference images for generating images with a specific style.

While Adobe Firefly has a limited number of generative credits per month, you can create multiple Adobe IDs to reset the count. It is a feature-rich platform that combines AI image generation with generative AI editing tools.

How To Make Money Online With AI Art

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of how you can make money online with AI art. Here is a quick crash course or step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Step 1: Choose AI Art Creation Tools

To begin your AI art journey, you need to choose AI art creation tools. Although, the most popular and established tool in the market currently is MidJourney - it is no longer free. So, you can choose any of the free alternatives mentioned above in the article that are just as effective.

Step 2: Create Unique Artwork

Using the AI art creation tool of your choice, it's time to create unique artwork.

The key to creating exceptional AI art lies in experimenting with different prompts. The more specific and tailored your prompts are, the more amazing the generated images will be.

Some profitable niches to explore currently include canvases, stickers, posters, and custom clothing designs like t-shirts.

Step 3: Set Up an Online Storefront

Setting up an online storefront is crucial for actually making money from your AI art. A great platform for beginners is Etsy, an online marketplace that allows you to showcase and sell your prints to a wide audience.

Alternatively, you can use Shopify, but keep in mind that you'll need to handle more of your own marketing in that case.

Step 4: Use a Print-on-Demand Service

To streamline the process and save time, it's recommended to use a print-on-demand service. Printful and Printify are highly recommended services that integrate seamlessly with platforms like Etsy and Shopify.

When someone orders your AI artwork, these print on demand services will handle the printing and shipping automatically. This takes care of a significant portion of the work for you.

Step 5: Promote Your Art

Promotion is key to attracting customers and making sales. Utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok to showcase and promote your AI art.

You can create engaging videos showcasing the process of creating a piece of artwork, along with the prompts used. Building a recognizable brand across all social media platforms is crucial for effective marketing and exposure.

Final Thoughts

While the official free trial version of MidJourney is no longer available, you can use the top free AI art generator tools mentioned in this article. These free MidJourney alternatives for AI art generation offer impressive features and capabilities.

Whether you prefer quick and easy image generation or more advanced generative AI features, these platforms have you covered. While some tools offer unlimited usage, others have daily or monthly usage quotas. So, explore these free AI art generators and unleash your creativity without breaking the bank!

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