10 Project ideas to fetch your dream job.

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19 September 2022

People build 1000s of useless apps.

Right now you may be looking for a job or may have just started an awesome, cool and fulfilling job. But, I think, you are always on the lookout for something more.

Something that might suit your skills better.

Something that can lead you towards your dream job.

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You only need these 10 Project ideas to fetch you your dream job.

1. Create a Landing Page

We’ve yet to create a full webpage in one go, so as a next project, we can look into building a landing page. We can also integrate the contact form we’ve built previously into the bottom of the page. There’s not so much JavaScript involved with the project, rather it’s about learning how to structure your HTML and layout your elements with CSS. But to get some JavaScript into the mix still, we can add smooth scrolling for anchors.

2. Create an Image Slider

An image slider is heavy in JavaScript, and if you want to make it customizable, then you have to go the extra mile. In this challenge, you’ll learn about transitioning between elements and handling user interaction on desktop, as well as on mobile.

3. Create a Bookmarklet

If you rather want to improve your workflow while learnings JavaScript instead of building components, a great way to do that is to build a bookmarklet. A bookmarklet is like a bookmark that holds a piece of JavaScript code.

We’ve looked at working with chips before, but there’s also a similar component we haven’t touched yet. Creating an autocomplete search is a great way to learn more about how you can search through a dataset and filter it based on some user input.

5. Create a Sortable and Filterable Table

Building upon the previous project, we can go one step further, and look at building a sortable and filterable table with a pagination component on the bottom. Along the way, you can deepen your knowledge on pagination, and also gain new skills on how to work with tabular data, or sort and filter a resultset.

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6. Create a Face Recognition App

Another great machine learning project that involves images is an app that can recognize faces and emotions. Here, we will take a look into how face-api works, and how you can use its models to detect faces on images, draw facial landmarks or even use it for emotion detection.

7. Create a Weather App

Probably the most common project you will come across is a weather app. The reason for that is that it’s simple even so that it can be built in a matter of hours, but it has all major technical challenges you can come across during your daily work. These include things such as requesting data from an API, displaying it to the user, or be able to search for weather forecasts.

8. Create a Desktop Application

If you want to think outside of the browser, you can also look into building an actual desktop application. With the help of Electron, you can use technologies you are already familiar with: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

9. Create a Mobile App

Of course, you can not only build apps for the web or desktop with JavaScript but also build mobile applications. With this project, you will learn how you can make a checklist app with React Native with saving and loading functionality. You will also learn how to create list elements, how to handle their state, and how to store everything on your device’s storage.

10. Create a Random JSON Response Generator

Rather want to create a tool that helps other developers or even your own workflow? Probably you will work a lot with JSON responses. Building a random JSON response generator can not only help you learn JavaScript through a project but can also help your own journey along the way.


Since the end goal is getting hired, you want to make sure your project showcases your skills and expertise. An impressive portfolio goes a long way in getting a prospective employer to take notice of you, especially when taking into consideration that first impressions are usually based on what we see. Of course it doesn't guarantee that you get into the company you've applied for … but it certainly gives you an edge.

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