From India to the United States: My Journey as a Programmer

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30 January 2023

My childhood was pretty ordinary. I grew up in a middle-class family, and I do not have a computer. Well, I have a pretty big family. I only borrow my cousin's computer to practice programs and play games because I don't have one.

I never really wanted to become a software engineer because I have a passion for creating machines. I wanted to become a Mechanical Engineer, but my dad pushed me into software engineering, and that's how I got into software engineering.

I read a bunch of stuff that would help me learn more about software engineering. I even borrow books and journals from my friends because I don't remember having any practical knowledge or working on real-world projects that will help me test my skills.

My learning about software engineer continued for another four years.

It was nothing special. Nothing different. I was just copying assignments reading reference books. In India, all you need to do is read up on the last five years of question papers. That's it. You get 70 to 80% of the answers, and you don't have to inspect.

My friends are the real inspiration for me.

They were talking about ideas. They talked about technology and building applications and deployment, implying that this was new to me.

These were some of the basic practical lessons they gave me, and that's how I started getting more frustrated program building apps. That is when I started doing something because that's how I learned to run something.

The turning point of my 30 years

The apps that I created, the apps that I do, were recognized by a software engineering company. They reached out to me to sponsor, and I finally got a project. That was big news because I would be getting a real-world experience now.

She talked to me about some great lessons about how those things work, how to solve a complex problem, breaking down into smaller pieces, and write code that will enable you to build something scalable and usable. It was a great experience because they offered me a job after completing my final year project.

That's not all. I received job offers from four different leading software companies.

I would love to hear your talk on that in my job and then the United States. This was another turning point in the career of my life.

But let's give that for the next part of the blog series about, about my life's journey. I hope you have enjoyed after this point of this blog.

On to the next article, I will talk about how I completed my master's in Hawaii. I worked on some amazing projects and some great professors that back in that darkness that got from some real world less, and what my salary looked like when I started and how I got into financial crisis. That completely broke me down.

See you on the next blog!

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