Which famous companies are using your favorite technologies?

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26 June 2017

I have searched it online for you guys. Some of the big companies are already in front in the game. Each and everyday this number is only increasing. So, find out which of your favorite company is using which technologies. Or which of your favorite technologies are used by which big players.

Below are the lists of technologies and 5 awesome companies who are using each of them. I have tried to include non-conventional names, wherever possible.


NOTE: I noticed that many companies are using Angular 1.x version. I failed to find any giant who has started using Angular 2.x in production. If you guys know any companies, please let me know in the comments section and I will include them in the list.




Ruby on Rails:

There are many other famous technologies out there which are being used by many popular companies. But these ones are my favorites. If you want me to research on any of your favorite ones, please let me know in the comments.


Whenever you need some inspiration to start learning a new technology and create something awesome, just go through this list. It will generate enough will power in you.

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