Curated List Of Awesome Things In The Tech World - Part 3

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10 March 2017

Last few weeks I was traveling to my home country - India. For a very important (secret) mission. While traveling I came across some really cool articles and discoveries that I wanted to share with you guys.

1. 2017 JavaScript conferences

If you are JavaScript fanatic like me, then here's a list of JavaScript conference you could attend in 2017. Get inspired by some cool people and build something awesome.

2. New Raspberry Pi Zero comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

My resolution for the year 2017 is to explore Raspberry Pi and build something cool with it. Well, they just announced a new version of Wifi and Bluetooth inbuilt in it. Check it out and let me know what cool things you are planning to build using it.

3. First SHA1 Collision

They are right when they say nothing is truly secure. SHA-1 algorithm which was considered so fool proof has recently been compromised. Google just announced a practical technique for generating a collision in SHA-1 hash function.

4. New planets discovered

Meeting your alien fantasies has just come closer to reality. NASA has discovered new earth sized planet very close to earth. Check out the link in title for full description.


Some really cool things were discovered while I was on a vacation. Stay put for more such awesome discoveries in my future curated lists.

Also, please let me know what do you think of this curated list. Please let me know how can I improve them.

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