Curated List Of Awesome Things In The Tech World - Part 1

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03 February 2017

This marks the beginning of an awesome era in our NgNinja Academy. Starting today, on every Friday we are going to publish a curated list of awesome people we have discovered, cool startups we came across and things we learned in this week.

These curated lists, although will focus on technology, will not be limited to it. This will be more of a platform to share with you guys about the things and people that inspired us. The lessons which helped us keep moving forward in our journey.

So, let's dive in. This week's list is targetted towards cool people we discovered and things we learned while learning the new web framework- Angular2.

1. Lea Verou

I have been following Lea Verou for a while now. I came across her website while searching for cool developers to interview for this blog. I am still learning a lot of things about and from her before I approach her for the interview. She writes and speaks on front end web technologies like CSS, JavaScript, HTML and other great design hooks. All the aspiring front-end ninjas- follow her!

2. A guide to Flexbox

Being a front engineer myself, I have to keep up with all the front end technologies. Although flexbox concept has been around for more than a while now, I have started getting used to it recently. If you are anything like me, this is a wonderful explanation on CSS-flexbox.

3. How to reverse order of children of a DIV

Again for all the front end engineers. This is a super awesome trick to have up your sleeves.

Many times when you are working on responsive designs you come across a problem when you need to stack DIV's on top of each other for mobile screens.

Below scenario is real simple to do so using bootstrap classes:

[#div1 col-lg-6] [#div2 col-lg-6]


[#div1 col-xs-12]
[#div2 col-xs-12]

But how would you invert the order? To produce:

[#div2 col-xs-12]
[#div1 col-xs-12]

You are going to thank me for this trick!

4. Model driven forms in Angular2

If you are just starting with Angular2, make Scotch.IO your friend. It has a ton of articles on getting your started with it. This one is one of those great articles. Learn about new pattern introduced in Angular2 for dealing with user input-model driven forms.

5. Build nested model driven forms in Angular2

Again from Scotch.IO, this one is on the same topic as above. But, a little more advanced. This article deals with scenarios when you model is nested consisting of nested objects and arrays. Again, a super simple explanation of such important cases you can start implementing right away.

6. Out of the box validators for Angular2

Until this week I was writing my own validators for validating emails, phone number, social security numbers and so on. Then I was introduced to this awesome library by my colleague. This library has all the validators which you would require to validate your input forms. May it be email, or phone number, or even validating credit cards. This library has out of the box solutions for validating everything.


By now you must have realized, that I have just started learning Angular2. Yes, you are right! But, don't worry my future curated list of awesome things will cover other areas as well.

Please let me know what do you think of this list of awesome things I discovered in this week. Also, please do let me know if there is anything else that you came across and you want to share it with me.

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