Ask NgNinja #2 - Choosing programming language + Starting Instagram page related to tech

Planning to start learning new programming language. Please suggest which one to choose?

This is a very broad question. The answer can go in many different ways.

To be honest, this depends on your passion and your career goals.

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🚀 Do you want to become a web developer? Choose JavaScript. Then move on to TypeScript. Then start playing with the JavaScript frameworks - like ReactJS, Vue or Angular.

But remember - Vanilla JS is very important! Top tier companies ask basics of JS Closures, Hoisting, Event loop. Although, I have also seen many of them asking React and details about the JS frameworks too - you earn brownie points.

🚀 Do you want to become a backend developer? Start with Python or Java. Master the fundamentals. Then learn frameworks like Django or Spring respectively.

I’d suggest you should always strive to become a full stack developer. Companies love to hire candidates who can solve the problem in their entire tech-stack.

🚀 Ruby, PHP, C++ - these are also some of my favourite languages.

🚀 And don’t forget databases - every Software engineer should know how to run SQL commands.

Finally, the most important this is - don’t just learn the languages.

  • Play with them.
  • Deep dive in them.
  • Build amazing applications that you can show off on your resume.

I'm starting my Instagram page where I will be posting what I learned coding in my favorite programming language XYZ. Any advice?

Firstly, kudos to you! For taking this initiative.

In this age of internet and technology, the best thing you can do is create content and put yourself out there. That is one of the best strategies to stand out from the crowd.

🥊 Don't "copy" others

But, remember - whatever you do don't "copy" others. I said copy. What I mean is - it is okay to get inspired by others to come up with content ideas. But, you should give your unique touch and feel to it.

Take a stand. Identify your voice.

To be honest - growing on Instagram is not as fast as it was before. So, I'd suggest to have patience and keep at it. Don't give up because you don't see instant results.

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🥊 Re-purpose your content

And, I would also suggest you target one other social media platform. Ex: Twitter, Reddit, or LinkedIn. And re-purpose your content.

Ex: I like to tweet. It is fast and efficient. So, I tweet all day. And, then I choose few of my best tweets and I screenshot them to post it on my Instagram.

🥊 Follow this strategy consistently:

  • Tell stories
  • Inspire with your words
  • Consistently help your audience

There are so many strategies to grow and monetize your social media platforms. I will share more in future posts. Till then - wish you luck!

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